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Based in Pensacola, Florida, Change & Prosper offers valuable coaching and mentoring services. We help clients better their lives. We teach individuals how to set goals, build teams, manage time, and more. Clients also have the ability to participate in our development programs. Each of our programs is designed to change how people work and think. In the end, each individual will know how to reach different goals and be a better person.

Mike Hodges - Life Coach Pensacola
Mike Hodges - Pensacola Life Coach

Meet Our Owner

Mike Hodges was born in Baltimore Maryland and grew up in a town called Bowie located in the middle of the triangle between Annapolis, Baltimore, and D.C. It was the epitome of white, middle class “Leave it to Beaver/Dennis the Menace/Father knows Best”.

In his second semester of his freshman year, Mike began to enjoy learning and began a lifelong journey of self-education. He developed a passion for business, economics, and psychology. To this day, he still can’t get enough of learning about why people do what they do.

After college Mike began a successful federal government carer with the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program; a program that provided health insurance to Federal Civilians. He became an expert in health insurance.

After moving to Pensacola, Florida, Mike hit a professional slump and faced the biggest challenge of his career….his skill set was not easily transferable outside of the world of large insurance companies and federal health insurance programs.

He had some success in insurance sales, managed a single practitioner medical office, and earned a Master’s Degree in Business Management with a concentration in insurance risk management from Florida State University.

Still, something was wrong. Mike wasn’t as successful as he wanted to be…he had also gained weight, and his health was beginning to fail. Life became an increasingly difficult and frustrating struggle.

He searched for answers as to why he wasn’t able to make meaningful, effective, permanent change. He new he had to change and improve his life……but he didn’t know how.

He found what he was looking for when he became a student of Bob Proctor, one of the pioneers of the personal development industry. Re-energized, Mike transitioned into his new career, partnering with Bob Proctor’s team at the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

It was during this period that he gained a crystal clear vision of what he wanted to do in his career: Become an entrepreneur.

Mike now has several different business interests and projects. He has also combined his knowledge of business, economics, and psychology with his experience to create his own consulting business that includes his ow unique curriculum. Mike specializes in helping both individuals and businesses understand why they are “stuck”…and helps them transform their results.

  • Why can’t I achieve my goals?
  • Why do I progress for short periods of time and then revert to my previous behaviors?
  • How can I meet and exceed my goals and make lasting, permanent, and positive changes in my life?

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