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Whether you work as a member of a team, or by yourself, Mike can help. We have a number of different services designed to help you and your company achieve the results you deserve.


A speaker can make or break your event.

Mike Hodges is an excellent speaker who can inspire, teach, entertain, and motivate an audience. He combines his unique knowledge base with humor, warmth, and a natural storytelling ability. He brings value to your meeting, special event or conference.

Mike also offers seminars and workshops that are focused on training and education. His workshops supplement training and education by adding practical, easy to use interactive and experiential tools and techniques that help people successfully manage the often difficult change process.

Talks Include:
-New Year’s resolutions- How’s that working out for you?
-Is your mind on your money and your money on your mind?
-Change and Prosper
-The mindset of Personal Transformation
-The mindset of a Sales Professional

Seminar and workshop content includes:

• Understanding how people think.
• How to change your thoughts to change your habits.
• The power of a powerful vision and goals.
• Techniques to improve your performance.
• How to overcome fear and doubt.

With over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Mike can adapt and inspire to almost any environment, from large corporate events, to small business owners. With his high energy and direct approach, Mike will motivate his audiences to action and win the admiration of all in attendance.

Individual or Group Coaching

​Do you or your company need better results? Are you ready….REALLY READY….to put in the work necessary to achieve the results that you want, need, and desire? If so, and you’re willing to work at it and be held accountable, you’ve come to the right place.

Mike Hodges helps both individuals and teams not just set goals….but provides proven strategies on how to achieve them.

Most people already know how to do what they want to do…the problem probably isn’t a lack of knowledge….it’s not being able to follow through.

Mike helps both individuals and teams overcome this problem with a unique blend of both teaching, AND experiential training. It’s not enough to KNOW what to do…you have to learn HOW to do it. You need the experience and confidence to overcome obstacles and follow up your plans with consistent ACTION.

In addition to teaching and training, Mike provides the critical role of accountability partner. Everyone has a tendency to not see themselves in an objective light. Mike provides honest, sincere feedback designed to hold you accountable to your commitments.

The best athletes, actors, and top performers in every field have coaches. It’s necessary to take your performance to the next level. Mike’s unique system of coaching utilizing the internet, email, and text allows him to coach individuals and teams from around the world.

Don’t wait another minute….Let Mike Hodges show you how to unlock you and your teams potential.

Custom Curriculums

Gain access to the customized training tools Mike has created for his clients. These unique, original programs provide you and your team with the material you need to take your performance to the next level.

Each program consists of more than one hour’s worth of video, infographics, an e-book, and quizzes designed to help keep you on course.

Whether you want to improve your sales, or dramatically improve the quality of your life, you’ll want to check out these wonderful training programs

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