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“I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about the program when I started. My “logical” mind had a hard time accepting some of the concepts that Mike presented. But with his guidance (and a lot of patience) I came to understand that the concepts were perfectly logical. Mike was able to connect the “theory” of the PGI principles to real-world application, and in doing so, taught me that all the “logic” that I was holding on to so tightly was a result of several deeply ingrained paradigms that I had developed over the years. Mike has shown me how to free myself from the barriers that I have placed on my own potential, and that it’s actually possible to “re-program” my thinking in order to live a more successful life. This has been a remarkable discovery, and the implications impact every part of my life including work, relationships, and self-image. I will forever be grateful to Mike for walking me through this process, and I am convinced that every person can benefit from his mentorship!”

Zac M.

“Mike can provide insight to things/issues that you may not have even known were a problem.”

Martina M.

“I have had the privilege of attending several of Mike’s events. He always provides vale and arms people with real tools to achieve more success in their business and personal lives. If you haven’t had a chance to attend one of his events, put it on your bucket list. You won’t be sorry!”

Dan V.

“Re-affirmed in a very positive way what I have heard before in a different way.”

Les A.

“Mike’s talks are eye opening, putting practical methods to the chaos of today.”

Mike F.

“Mike has opened my mind to another way to achieve my goals. It’s not only about knowing I need to change, it’s about taking the steps towards that change, again and again, until my paradigm has changed”.

Chae K.

“This was an incredible talk! I fully intend to promote to local associates in my company.”

Mark L.

I have had the privilege of knowing Mike Hodges for several years now. I have been a client of his and have benefited greatly from his coaching. I have worked with him on team and individual projects and have found his mentoring and help invaluable. I have watched him lead both by example and by instructing. I would whole heartedly recommend him to any one interested in bettering themselves.

Patrick R., MD

“Love my Mastermind group! Mike is an excellent leader. I’ve been more energized and motivated with my goals since joining his program. I recommend this program for anyone who wants to get past their old paradigms and really see their true unlimited potential.”

Mindi V.

“Mike is one of the brightest guys I know! He is well educated in business and is able to teach in a new, easy to understand way!”

Bobby D.

“Mike is a genuine person and a great speaker. He provides good insight on subjects of everyday life that I personally ignore or don’t pay attention to. Thank you Mike!”

Matthew F.

“This presentation will make you look at the things in your life from a different perspective. It’s a powerful and life changing presentation that you don’t want to miss”.

Terry B.

“I greatly enjoyed Mike’s topic choice and clear expression of the concepts. It is nice to learn more on an area that has potential to improve life on so many levels.”

Aimee K.

“Well prepared and informative. Excellent delivery with a lot of passion. Anyone and everyone should take advantage of this very affordable training!”

Michael G.

Mike Hodges is a focused and positive speaker. He provided valid and timely information to help us succeed in life.

Casey J.

“Mike Hodges has been my life coach for about six months now. I have gained so much personal and professional growth; I can’t begin to think about how much benefit it has given me. I have enjoyed the journey and have had my challenges and that’s when Mike has made such a significant difference in the direction that I have gone. He is patient, supportive, incredibly honest (which I personally asked for). I am anxious to continue on this journey, because I can’t wait for the future impact Mike and this program are going to make in my life. I am extremely grateful to Mike. He has made our friendship genuine and everlasting. I am often humbled by his friendship and professionalism.”

Dana A.

“Mike is a wonderful guy with a fantastic outlook on life. His seminars are worth the time I spent attending.”

Marlene T.

“Mike’s class was very empowering. I feel like I can move forward with tools to help me personally and with growing my business.”

Amanda Y.

“The world needs more people like Mike because the mind is a very powerful thing, and we only use a small percentage of it.”

Sam J.

“Excellent Presentation!”

Michelle B.

“In a short space of time, Mike was able to run through the ideas of paradigms, the influence of the subconscious, and how positive thinking and approaches can lead to success….not only in business, but also in life.”

Steve C.

Pensacola, Florida

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