I recommend a few things: First, develop a personal and professional goal. Second, select a few positive habits you want to develop, or reinforce. Third, develop a gratitude list, as well as a list of your accomplishments/strengths that you’ve achieved in your life (don’t skimp on these last two…give yourself credit!).

Wake up every day one hour earlier than you do now. Spend a few minutes in reflection (or prayer if you are a religious person). Then reflect on all the thing you have to be grateful for, and that you’ve accomplished. Write out your goals, and new behaviors in a spiral notebook….and repeat them to yourself throughout the day.
I’d then pick out one BIG thing I HAVE to accomplish that day…the one that will make the day worthwhile if that’s ALL I can do. I’d also pick at least one thing that I’ve been procrastinating (cleaning my car, balancing my checkbook, straightening up my desk, etc.). and make sure I get that done. Getting rid of chronic, aggravating little tasks can help your brain to “close that loop” and get rid of that nagging feeling that you have too many odds and ends to take care of.

Then squeeze in a quick workout as well. If you start your day with gratitude, self-confidence, focus, a few concrete goals, along with a quick workout, it will put you in a good, positive, focused frame of mind to start the day. It will make for a GREAT 30 days!

Good Luck, and Be Well!